Microblading/Permanent Makeup


*Introducing New Microblading Technique*

Permanent Makeup vs Microblading

Microblading- is a natural method of implanting pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create the look of fuller brows.  The natural looking results are achieved with a sharp, hand-held blade made up of seven micro needles.  Instead of outlining and completely filling in the outline of your brows with color, microblading allows for the placement of hair-like strokes into the skin.(Treatment lasts anywhere from 1-3 years)

Permanent Makeup– is a form of cosmetic tattooing using a tattoo machine to implant ink into the dermis, just getting shy of how deep a regular tattoo would penetrate.  You use tattooing techniques to apply a design that would resemble makeup.  It results in enhanced facial features that would typically be done with temporary makeup. (Can last decades)

Permanent makeup allows you to look sensational around-the-clock! It offers you natural-looking radiance without the daily application of makeup and reapplication throughout the day. You never need to worry about smudging, fading or streaking again!

Consider Permanent makeup or Microblading….

  • If you want to enhance your eyes, lips or eyebrows
  • If you want to save time out of your busy, daily routine                                                                                                                                                                                       jenni microblading
  • If you suffer from allergies related to cosmetics
  • If you wear contacts or have vision problems
  • If you have dexterity problems
  • If you have skin discolorations from scarring, burns or vitiligo

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